City planning / masterplan

  • we prepare a preliminary draft budget along with an analisis of a costs disribution structure for the implementation of large-scale investments.
  • we show the distribution of costs - showing the relation between facilities (including housing, public and accompanying buildings) and infrastructure on the basis of urban planning assumptions
  • while working on the project, we analyze the impact the design options have on the final costs of an investment (e.g. changing the width, height and shape of buildings, the standard of public space, such as the size and quality of the green area, diversification of the standard of road and parking surfaces, additional architectural elements and many other).

Pre-investment phase

Scope of works:

  • documentation analysis at the initial concept stage
  • local visions of renovated objects
  • cooperation with a project team, support for technical solutions (in terms of the cost of the investment implementation)
  • creating a budget in a technological system
  • our method of creating the budget is based on the assessment of the maximum number of countable elements (such as construction volume, roof surfaces, façades surfaces, etc.), with the restriction of the role of the index analysis
  • coordination of budget with client
  • consulting in the field of design changes at the concept stage, in terms of adjusting the budget to the client’s expectations

Bill of quantities and cost estimates as part of the tender documentation

  • consultancy in cost optimization, with adjustment to the budget expected by the client
  • verification of documentation, comments on inter-branch coordination
  • detailed bills of quantities based on project documentation
  • cost estimates based on the developed bills of quantities
  • coordination of the work of the cost estimation team

Cost management during the investment implementation

  • preparation of the bills of quantities as an attachment to the tender documentation in a form agreed with the client
  • preparation and coordination of the tender documentation set
  • tender management - contacts with the Bidders, the question and answer process, the Offers collection
  • comparative analysis of offers for the execution of the investment
  • participation in negotiations, having dicussions on the value of offers
  • recommendation of the best offer in terms of costs
  • preparation of cost attachments to the construction contract

Implementation of the investments

  • budget review
  • valuation of the cost of design changes
  • change control management
  • management of periodic throughtputs
  • control of costs of replacement and additional works
  • final statement of the investment