As a consultant dealing with analisis, control and supervision over the costs of a realisation of an investment, Protom is a support for investors on every stage of preparing and realisation of an investment project. We assist in decision-making process since the initial research of investment opportunities by developing the preliminary draft budget up to the final statement after completion of construction works. The issue of costs is an importatnt element of our work on a project. We always remember about the realtionship between a creative process of making an architectural project that fulfills the design and functional assumptions with the economic basis of the planned investment.

The idea of Protom is a continuous and professional cost supervision over the design process. The work of architects, constructors and industry engineers is checked for compliance with the initially estimated budget concept. Regular reports sent to an Investor about compliance with the planned implementation cost, indicating threats and significant changes affecting the level of planned implementation costs help him in making key decisions. On the one hand, it allows the implementation of solutions including the costs that increase the standard, on the other, it avoids excessive savings having too big impact on the quality of the final form of the designed object.

We would like to to bring closer the relationship between the creative process of the making of an architectural project fulfilling the design and functional assumptions with the economic foundations of the planned investment and the realities in which the object is constructed and it will be used. No project is created in an economic vacuum. Regardless of the type of the object, the value in use of the investment project must be evaluated as a whole. In addition to architectural vision, it must meet all requirements such as construction safety and its future use, availability, protection against adverse weather conditions, environmental requirements and many more. An architect fits his work into a specific location creating a new element in the existing environment, changing it or harmonically adapting to the neighborhood. A constructor designs the connection of the object with the ground on which it is located. The cost support implemented by Protom since the preparation of the initial budget allows these ideas to be embedded on hard economic ground by analysing the costs and risks associated with any design changes.

As consultants examining each element of the cost of the planned investment throughout the entire project process, we are also fully prepared to support the decision process during the tender to select the Contractor by developing tender materials and then comparing the offers and presenting the potential Contractor’s recommendation for the offered price. We take part in negotiations with Bidders, discussing the cost issues and the scope of the presented offer, and agreeing on commercial terms related to the investment implementation costs.